Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kickstarter Campaign for Locked In a Garage Band

How excited am I?! We already have 19 backers for our $20 000 kickstarter campaign, and almost $1000 in pledges. Awesome!

We can't do it with your help, so please keep on spreading that word. It's been really cool to see people pledging that we don't personally know, and I suspect they heard about the movie from people like you - reading this blog, or following my tweets, or maybe your friend posted the video on your facebook. However you came across our lil' project, please help us turn our dreams into reality.

Exciting news for Victoria BC residents - Jen & I will be on Chek news this coming Monday night at 7:00pm and again at 10:30pm. We did an interview with Gordie Tupper in my garage, the same place we shot the teaser. It was pretty funny. Jen loathes being in front of the camera, but I suspect you won't be able to tell that from the video. Hope not anyway! And I'm just a big goof, so...well we'll see how it turns out.

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